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March 29, 2013

Pejam celik.. pejam celik kejap aje cuti sekolah dah nak habis, lepas ni sambung baliklah rutin harian turun naik lif... malas betul. Cuti ni kami tak gi mana2 pun.. kat rumah aje, ambik kesempatan bermalas-malasan. Seperti biasa anak yg cuti mamanya yg merdeka...

Hari ni Amy nak share info kesihatan yang Amy jumpa  kat sini . Macam biasalah kan.. kaedah copy paste aje hihihi.

3 Foods That Help You Live Longer & Healthier

          Saturday, February 25, 2012 by Health Tips
Daily Health Tips update for February 25:
1. Chocolate—You already know it’s going to be a great list when it starts off with chocolate. Cocoa is a heart-healthy food that has been linked to reduced blood pressure and improved blood vessel health. Take note that this does not mean you can eat every chocolate candy bar around. Because many chocolate bars contain large amounts of sugar, experts recommend 2 - 4 squares per day of dark chocolate that has at least 70% of the flavonoid-containing compound cacao.
2. Coffee—In a Harvard University study, coffee was shown to reduce the rates of prostate problems. Men who drank one to three cups of coffee daily still had lower rates of prostate issues compared to men who didn’t drink any at all. The study showed no difference between decaf and caffeinated coffee.
3. Walnuts—If nuts are superfoods, walnuts could be a super nut. Walnuts contain twice the amount of antioxidants per ounce compared to peanuts and almonds. Also a source of essential fatty acids, walnuts were found to be better in terms of the quality and quantity of antioxidants. Walnuts can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and manage weight by delivering heart-healthy fats and proteins.
Source: Prevention

Critical Vitamins for Every Woman

Added to Articles on Fri 01/08/2010
If you’ve ever stood paralyzed in the vitamin aisle, facing the alphabet soup of supplements, fear no more. This is Dr. Oz’s list of critical vitamins that every woman should be taking. And if you know your ABC’s, this list should be easy to remember! 

Helpful Hint: When purchasing your vitamins, check for bottles labeled 100% daily allowance on label.

A Multivitamin
Multivitamins fulfill your nutritional needs for the day. Take half in the morning and half at night. Multivitamins contain:
Vitamin A – critical for healthy vision and skin

Vitamin B – a metabolism booster

Vitamin C – keeps your immune system strong, especially important during cold and flu season.

Vitamin D – promotes healthy bones (and your immune system)

Vitamin E – for healthy development of muscles and brain function

Additional Vitamin D
Dr. Oz recommends taking additional vitamin D. To learn more about the benefits of this supplement click here.

Omega 3’s
To keep your brain, heart and eyes healthy, take Omega 3’s every day. For women, the daily dose of Omega 3s is 1000 mg; for men, the dosage is 600 mg.

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  1. tq....kongsi info yang bagus nie.....kesihatan itu penting untuk kehidupan kita seharian kan....?

  2. rasulullah minum kopi ... minum kopilah selalu .

  3. nice day :)
    Bermimpilah tentang apa yang ingin kamu impikan,
    pergilah ke tempat-tempat kamu inginkan,
    Jadilah seperti yang kamu inginkan,
    karena kamu hanya memiliki satu kehidupan
    dan satu kesempatan untuk melakukan hal-hal
    yang ingin kamu lakukan



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